Wednesday, 1 January 2020

20 Things To Do in 2020!

Hi Readers! How are you all doing? This is the first post of 2020 & it had to be this one; 20 Things to do in 2020!! Doing this thing last year really helped me in a lot of ways. I was able to monitor my growth, measure my productivity & actually see the change within the span of a year. It is another plus point that I am a compulsive planner, which is why I loved planning this. But, to think that I accomplished 85 % of the 19 things is something I am proud of.

Enough about the past. Let’s talk about 2020! This year round, I have made just a few changes in the 20 things, because now these are not just things, but habits which I cannot give up. Like reading, listening to TED talks, savings, writing blog posts, focusing on health, cooking & so on. Once I started making this list, I thought it was too boring or generic. So, I added a few fun things as well. I hope I will do those despite my love for boring. Anyway, have a look at my 20 Things to do in 2020!

Another ritual that I am starting is The Daily Habit tracker! I saw this idea on Pinterest (where else!) I really liked the thought of mapping everything I do every day & then marking it in little boxes for a job done. Obsessive? Yes Compulsive? Yes Do I love it? YES!

As much as I’d have liked to do this in just one page for the whole year, it is impossible. So, even though these are the things I need to do daily, I am going to make the tracker monthly for convenience. These are some of the daily targets I plan on achieving in 2020!

Some of the above things I already do daily, but some things I don’t do consistently. So, if I had to mark it every single day, I know I will do those. Would I brush my teeth at night to avoid dental problems? Maybe, maybe not. But, will I brush my teeth just so I could colour a tiny square? Absolutely yes!
In addition to not using mobile phone for an hour a day, I am also going to incorporate a No Social Media day once a week. I had way too many things to do, which is why I didn’t add it in the list. This is why there is no real pressure to do it, but I am going to do my best.

So, here I am! Ready for the New Year. Ready for the new decade! With all the targets planned & things set to achieve, I can only hope to have a lot of fun while I do all of these things & more! Happy New Year!!
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