Saturday, 25 April 2020

Books as Outfits!

Hi Readers! Happy Saturday Night to you all! If that kind of stuff even matters anymore. These days it feels like there is a lot of time and nothing to do. (Of course, there are things I ‘should be’ doing, but I don’t. So, technically there’s nothing to do.) This is why, I took on the ‘BOOKS AS OUTFITS CHALLENGE’. First I saw this was on Twitter. I love the book fandom on Twitter! Actually, EVERY FANDOM is better on Twitter!

Anyway, after I did a little photo shoot for the World Book Day, I was again left with very few things to do. So, that’s when I remembered about the Books as Outfits Challenge & decided to just go for it! My friend Suruchi pointed out how this was such a great idea as I have both books & clothes in excess! (Very funny.) But, while I am on that, I wanted to know if there’s any SHOES CHALLENGE? (Perhaps started by Sarah Jessica Parker? Not yet? Okay.) Because I have those in excess too & would love to click photos of them. I know how I sound & I don’t really care. We need to do what’s best for us ‘in this time’.
Enough of rambling! I decided on 7 books which would be best & for which I had similar coloured outfits! Check it out!!

Fun, right? Hope you liked these! If you are looking for some fun Quarantine activities, then you can definitely do this!
PS: Let me know about any shoes challenge though. XO.

Until next time,

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