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Top 5 Favourite Authors!

Hi Readers! How are you all? Stay home & stay safe, guys! For me, it is really difficult not to pick a new book 10 minutes after I finish the last one. But, I am giving myself a READING DETOX for a couple of days (I hope I am successful in this.) I thought I will share this because even though reading is good, excess of anything is never good. Whatever you are doing in this time, keep a balance of it & don’t overdo it. Let’s keep our sanity!

Since I am on a Reading Detox, I thought I will use this time to write about books. (Is that allowed?) Anyway, my post about my Top 10 All-Time Favourite Books gained me some page views. THANKS SO MUCH!! So, here I am, about to reveal who are my Top 5 Favourite Authors! I had to think on this way more than I had anticipated. It was so ambiguous. Some authors I loved, but I had read only one or two of their books, which is not sufficient to make this list. Some authors were in the similar genre, so it sounded unfair. I was sure of only five and so here we are doing Top 5 Authors instead of Top 10! Let’s go!

I think everyone must know that the first one would be J.K. Rowling! I mean, anyone who has read Harry Potter of our generation knows what a brilliant author she is! So many of us have even re-read the Harry Potter books time & again. I myself am re-reading it currently & I have to confess. They provide so much joy to me. J.K. Rowling reminds me how to relax & enjoy a book. She is the mastermind & I am always going to be biased when it comes to her! Apart from Harry Potter, she has written quite a few books, but I haven’t gotten to reading them yet. On the list!!

When it comes to Khaled Hosseini, I am always left speechless. I have read all four of his books including the illustrated poem. Only in his case, I have rated all his four books at 5/5. As you know, I am a very judgy reader & give my stars sparingly, but not here! He knows how to make his readers FEEL ALL THE EMOTIONS! I think I must have written this statement in all of his book reviews! Very few authors can write historical fiction so well & hit the mark every single time. I will forever be grateful to him, the stories he has to tell the world & all the characters he has created.
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What can I say about Haruki Murakami? I think he is the only one to reach this list so quick even when I was introduced to him this late. Only last year I started reading his books & became an instant fan. I mean, how can you not? His writing is just so different & I absolutely love the eccentricity of it. I am going to read all the eerie stories he has written so far & is yet to write! My favourite Murakami books are Kafka on the Shore & A Wild Sheep Chase.

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Paulo Coelho is another genius of his own kind. I have read a lot of his books & I am always amazed. I would give anything to be able to have a thought-process that he does. Sometimes after reading his works, I feel like how much percentage of my brain do I even use? How come such beautifully complicated thoughts never enter my brain? For what it’s worth, I feel he makes me a better person with a broader mind. My favourite Paulo Coelho books are The Alchemist & Eleven Minutes.
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To be honest, it has been ages since I read anything by Sidney Sheldon, but there was also a time when I read nothing else. I remember when my dad first told me about him & we both like a lot of the same books. I obviously started one book & soon I had read up to 7 of his books! Sidney Sheldon introduced me to crime & thriller genre which I got happily addicted to. It’s high time to read some of his books again! My Favourite one has to be Tell Me Your Dreams.

Those are my Top Five! Did you guess any of those? Tell me about your favourite authors in the comments below! Apart from the above I also really love these authors – Jhumpa Lahiri, Fredrik Bachman, Dan Brown, John Green. I really need to read more of these to know if I love them & I also need to read a lot of other authors as well! So many books & so little time. Yet, here I am doing a Reading Detox!

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