Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Currently Reading!

Hi Readers! I have been busy with work these past couple of weeks, which is why I have had less time to read. I just realised today that I haven’t posted in a while & so I thought I would update you! Work is just one of the reasons for my slow reading. Another major factor is because I am currently reading FIVE BOOKS! This is why it is taking so long.

It is such a weird time. Summers are not ending as I am expectantly awaiting monsoons. The ease of lockdown seems nonsensical. I have baked so many cakes that I am now nauseated by the thought of it. There are all these reasons to put me off & this is mainly why I am reading five books at the same time. I have always been moody, more so now. And, I really need a book that matches my mood. Reading five at a time works perfectly well with my changing moods! So, even if the progress is slow, I am enjoying it! And, anyway, my target is 52 books this year & I have already read 31 books, so I am way ahead of schedule!

Check out the books I am reading! The ones I love! The ones I hate! And the ones I tolerate!



I will finish this one first of this lot. Not because it is good, but because I need to be done with it. This is the first Pulitzer Prize winner which I have absolutely found mundane. It is also the first War era books that I have not enjoyed at all. I am halfway done with it & I am going to finish this just so I won’t need to look at it again!


The Nightingale is the most amazing so far, from this list. I have only read it a bit. But, from that, I know it is going to be good. This is another historical fiction novel based in the WWII period. The only problem is that the font in the book is very tiny which makes it painful & gives me a headache. If it weren’t for that, I would have already finished it.


I recently finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince leaving me with the last book of the series. Even though I know what is going to happen & even though I am re-reading it, I just want it to last longer. I am definitely going to take my time to mull this one over.


I only started this one yesterday. It felt like the right book to read given all the injustice happening around in the world. It has five or so chapters with 3 sub-chapters. These are stories of women. I have only finished reading the first sub-chapter & I am glued to it. The narrative is really different from most books & quite captivating. I look forward to reading the rest!


Lastly, Becoming by Michelle Obama! I started this last year & yet I am only 50 pages in! I have watched Michelle Obama’s talks & read her articles & really found them inspiring. Why I am unable to make any progress with the autobiography is beyond me! I have decided to read at least one chapter every day, which is going poorly as well. But, one of these days, I will complete reading this glorious book!


So, that’s all for now! I will come back with a book review soon! What are you all currently reading? I hope only amazing books!!

PS: You can always check out what books I am currently reading on the left banner of my Goodreads Reading pile!!

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