Wednesday, 2 September 2020

6th Blogoversary!

Hello my dear readers!! Thank you for sticking with Mindscape in Words for SIX LONG YEARS! I owe you a BIG THANK YOU! You have seen this blog grow along with me. From writing short book reviews to writing detailed 2000-word BOOK REVIEWS. From liking books to being passionate about them. Those amazing four-part TRAVEL SERIES  now & then for which I was excited the whole year round. The glorious MONDAY MOMENTS series where I wrote ONE HUNDRED short stories. And, not forgetting the few bigger short storiesDIARY LOGS. Also not forgetting the short series I wrote titled DAILY COMMUTE. I have done so much experimenting on here but you all are still here reading. Thank You for that! In the past year, Mindscape in Words had 73000 Views! Just how mindblowingly fantastic is that!?

For the 6th Blogoversary, I thought of sharing the TOP 6 POSTS in different areas on the blog. Before heading into the top sixes, here is a bit of the celebration I did at home! After doing a full-on celebration last year for the 5th Blogoversary, I decided to keep it mellow. I made chocolates!!


I don’t really have a strict pattern of reading. I don’t read only the books published in the same year. I don’t stick to the books that are nominated for awards. At times I don’t even stick to just one genre. After reading my fair share of poor books, I now research. Some books are well researched while some books are written by the authors I have read frequently. So, the Top 6 books that I read are not necessarily the books of the Year 2020. Have a look! You must read these!

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

The Color Purple by Alice Walker


You all know how I don’t always write reviews of all the books that I read. But for the books for which I plan to write a review, I always make sure to give my 100%!  Writing a book blog means writing more than just book reviews. And, so my most viewed top 6 posts are a mix of reviews + other book stuff! Check them out below!

2020 Reading Challenge.

What Glennon Doyle’s UNTAMED taught me.

My Top 10 All Time Favourite Books.

Chaos Walking Trilogy.

A Little Life – To Read or Not to Read?

Top 5 Authors.


Once the pandemic hit hard, I knew I wouldn’t be travelling for a LONG TIME! Just thinking about it made me miserable. Also, a lot of other little things were downright depressing. If I have an idle mind, it leads me to dark places which isn’t good for me or anyone close to me. So, I finally decided to plan trips! So what if I can’t actually go for trips? I sure can plan them! I get more happiness in the planning stage anyway. And so, I have shortlisted a few places & have planned to prepare proper itineraries including places to visit, where to stay, best restaurants & so on. It’s such a FUN PROJECT & I’m completely obsessed with it! Check out the Top 6 places I am making plans for!

Chandigarh, Shimla & Manali



Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Jodhpur & Jaisalmer



~~TOP 6 PINS~~

Turns out I have a bit of a following on Pinterest. You can say about a 100k monthly viewers. Isn’t that great? If you aren’t one of those, go follow me now! Check out the Top 6 pins below! These are mainly quotes from different books!

The Nickel Boys




The Woman in the Window

The Nickel Boys



Now, I know this is purely a books + travel blog. But, I had to brag the amazing things I learnt to make in this lockdown of 5+ months! I won’t get too much into it. But just check out the photo & feel proud for me, pretty please?


Mini Cheesecake

Coffee Walnut Cake

Cheese Chilli Toast

Rava Dhokla

Caramel Custard

That is about it! Hope you enjoyed this post & also these past six years! Here’s to many more years full of books & travel!


Until next time,

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