Sunday, 27 December 2020

8 Things To Do In 2020 - Year in Review (Part 1)

Hello Readers! We are now toward the end of the year! I feel like both ‘where did the year go?’ and ‘how is it possible that it happened this year? It was ages ago’ to be extremely normal. It is especially suitable for the year 2020! I constantly feel like some of the books I read this year, I had actually read years ago! While being mentally stuck in March, physically we are in December. Given how crazy the year was, I completely understand that it is only human for me to not have completed my 2020 Goals.

I started the year with ’20 Things to do in 2020’ & then amended it to only ‘8 Things to do in 2020’! So, here is a gentle reminder that it is perfectly okay if you did not achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Here’s to all of us because we survived the year! 2020 struck with all its confusion, ambiguity, fear, stress, anxiety, but it also gave us time, opportunities, faith, lessons & infinite strength to cope with everything that life has to throw at us! Here’s to all of us!

Having said that, I am super proud of myself this year. I achieved 7 out of my 8 Goals! Because I had a lot of time, I used it to read books & write book reviews. This is why, I had no anxiety on achieving 2 of my goals which were to Read 75 Books & Write 50 Blog Posts! Also, with that time, I took to the kitchen & finally learnt some basic & some fancy meals to prepare! While I can now bake a cake, I can also make Chapatis! I also set a low bar for doodling this year, which was to doodle twice a month. I may not have done it every month, but I have 24 doodles! Means do not always need to justify the end, right?

Moving on to one of the more interesting things : Taking a photo every day! I still can’t quite believe how I managed to do this with being stuck at home for 9 months! This sure helped to access the creative side in me & also kept me entertained throughout the year!

I also started doing chores on a regular basis! For a 26-year old, it should be second nature, but still proud of this! And, I also achieved 2 of my personal goals this year, of which 1 I had removed, but somehow that worked out for me! Yay!

And now moving to the one thing I did not do : Writing 2 short stories. I sure had the time, but I used it to read something already written, instead of writing something of my own. But, that’s okay. There’s always tomorrow! Only happy vibes in December!

So, this is me starting the first post of the ‘2020 Year in Review’ posts! Stay tuned to know the best books, best web series, top posts of the year & finally a concluding post straight from my heart!

Until next time,


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