Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Web Series I Watched in 2020 - Year in Review (Part 3)

Hi Guys! We are nearing the year end & I am already enjoying sharing a post with you every day. And, this is going to go on till the 2nd January 2021! FUN, right? Before you head into this one, go and check the first post about 2020 Goals & second post about 2020 Reading Challenge! Turns out I watched A LOT of series this year. FIFTY FIVE, to be exact! I don’t even remember watching some of these. I have only got vague ideas about the plot, random guesses on who the actors were in it. But, the good thing is out of these 55, I really liked about 40 of them! Isn’t that something?

Just as I read the most books in May, I also watched the most shows in May – TEN! I will never ever forget those early lockdown months. They were probably even better than my Tenth standard vacations! Because the world outside was so scary & fearsome, I completely retreated into myself & did all the things I loved to keep me sane. I know there are millions of people who died because of COVID-19. But, on a personal level, I did all the things I enjoy just to stay sane. I am sure you did those too. It’s okay to feel okay at times even when the world is falling apart. It’s okay.

So, anyway, check out my accomplishment in binge-watching this year!

Now, I didn’t want to bore you with words, especially while talking about web series. Instead, I made these images! Check out the Top 30 Web Series I watched this year!!

While looking over this list, I realized how problematic it was that MOST of these are related to Crime, Mystery & Thriller. Of course, I love this genre because it is almost impossible to make garbage shows in this genre, unlike you know, in Romance. I also have watched quite a few Sitcoms & Comedy Dramas. I guess that evens it out! To top it off, I also rewatched a lot of shows because they are like my best friends!


The Office

Schitt’s Creek

Grey’s Anatomy

This is Us



Modern Family

Check out all the genres I watched this year. I’d say it is pretty much a sane person’s list. Don’t you think?


Initially I was also planning on a similar post about movies. Turns out I watched about a 100 movies & MOST of them were pathetic. Only Enola Holmes & a couple of others made the list. So, I just skipped that. Having said that, please send me good movie recommendations in exchange of my brilliant Top 30 web series list?

I will be back tomorrow with the TOP 10 Posts you guys liked on Mindscape in Words this year.


Until next time,

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