About Mindscape in Words:

After maintaining a diary continuously for 3 years, I thought I'd be able to commit to blogging. Many of my friends had suggested the same as well. So, one day, I just decided to do it! With little thought, but lots of hope, 'Abstract Writer' was established in September 2014. Time flew & one year later, the name was changed to 'Mindscape in Words'.

Mindscape in Words is about stories of hope & dreams, passion & love, melancholy & heartbreak. It is the place you come to where you want to read something that connects to your life, because you'll definitely find something that will make you want to come back for more. It is a place where you can read fiction, which might find a place in your heart.

Fashion isn't on this blog, but books? This is your haven!
It isn't the blog for fancy recipes, but TV shows? We will be the most honest!
There might not be as many lifestyle articles, but you can check exhilarating travel journals!
Feeling low after a relationship crises or having those butterflies in your first love? Read Monday Moments series and feel the emotions!
It is everyone's minds' landscapes of words. It is Mindscape in Words, my dear readers! I hope you enjoy the view!

About Aishwarya:

I'm Aishwarya, author of Mindscape in Words (Formerly Abstract Writer.) I am your 20-something clueless wanderer in the journey of life. Too cliché? Well, so is life!
I'm an Indian, living with her parents and younger brother in Mumbai. I have a small circle of amazing friends. Apart from being a nerd, I am also an INFJ in which I take complete pride.

My favourties are Haruki Murakami, Paulo Coelho, historical contemporary fiction, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Tom Hanks, Sleepless in Seattle, the colour Black, Ud Gaye by Ritviz, Memes, the city of Udaipur, Winters, Coffee, Burger & an infinite Bucket List.

You can check my favourite books here!

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I can't wait to connect with you!


  1. you are a great personality,i admire your habbit of writing instead of saturday parties, and you wrote this articel very nicely , mindscape reviews are amazing , thanks for sharing with us.

  2. you should check out my blog!! Love your all the bright places setting chart. Very helpful.


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