Monday, 24 October 2016

She was her own 'Knight in Shining Armour'. (Monday Moments #74)

There was so much inside of her that wanted out. There were unspoken stories that needed hearing. The scars hidden in her soul wanted to surface over her body and get out. The mysteries seeked an ear. As the soul seeked some peace.

The silent stories scribbled in her diary needed a reader. The silent cries into the lonely night needed a shoulder. The silent girl in a boisterous world needed a person.
She had hundreds of friends but no person she could call home. She had many houses but no place she could call a home. She had everything money could buy, but what she desired couldn't be bought.

Minutes felt like hours. Days felt like months. Years felt like centuries. She felt being trapped in a time capsule which just wouldn't start and let her go. And she wasn't alone. Her confidence, passion, optimism and courage was trapped with her body in the motionless aura of dullness that was her life.

She read, without understanding. She sang, without feeling. She drew, without imagining. She saw, without watching. She listened, without hearing. She existed, without living.

And then, she got the final document of the finalized divorce from her husband. And then, after a decade, she felt free. She felt happiness. She felt like herself. She wasn't the 'Damsel in Distress'. She was her own 'Knight in Shining Armor'.

(‘Monday Moments’ is a blog series wherein I write about an incident or a moment in a short paragraph. It’s not a story, but just a short description to express and explore the most common joys and also the uncommon miseries.)

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