Sunday, 21 December 2014


          A few days back I spent the day with my brothers. I had no idea how I was going to pass the time and it ended up being the most amazing day. The three of us played video games! Three mature people with such seriousness about studies and life became three kids playing their favorite childhood video games. Mario, Pocket Tanks, Tarzan, Duck Hunt. We were absolutely crazy about them back then. Mario was like our all time pal. At first, it sounded like a weird idea to me but once we started, it was unbelievably hilarious. We were playing, we remembered all those secret tricks, we chimed in to those tunes, we cheered each other when we completed levels. It was like re-living the childhood.

          Nostalgia is one of my havens. Cherishing the past and recollecting all the memories is some times really exhilarating and refreshing. Even at this moment, I'm half lost to the past and being nostalgic. I don't necessarily label things as good or bad but people believe in that. They think that it's bad to stay in the past and believe in focusing on the present. I have a different opinion. I'd love to be active right now but the quick getaways act like a boost for me which ultimately improves my current mood and I can then bring up all the energy in whatever I am currently doing. But yes, we all know that a coin has two sides. You can get sad too if you think about past sad things. But that's how life is. You can either be happy remembering the merry things or you can keep sulking. Ultimately, our choice is what really matters.

          I happen to be more in the past than the present. It is not something that I do on purpose but something that just happens when I am alone or bored. I love to remember all the little moments which bring a smile on my face almost instantaneously. That is what I believe is really precious, that automated smile. When I am nostalgic, it's another world. One second I am here and the next I am in 2004 or something. Pretty much like what happens to Henry in "The Time Traveler's Wife". (just not physically, but mentally)
Happy or sad, good or bad, these moments are the only time travel you can get. So I won't give up on that and neither should you.


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