Friday, 19 June 2015

Electronic Diet; 24 hours without TV, Mobile and Computer.

My normal day:

          I had a bizarre idea of living one day without the use of mobile phone, television and computer. I knew it wouldn't be easy and guess what? It wasn't! My day started late by 11 am. As there was nothing significant to do, I ended up reading the entire day. I finished a book 'When Only Love Remains' by Durjoy Datta. I even liked it, for a change. (Its review will be up soon.) After the usual morning chores, I made a note of happy memories. I got this clever idea of making chits of happy days and storing it in a jar from The Pretty City Girl. It's more intriguing than diary writing. After this little fun activity, I went back to reading and stopped only for lunch at 1 pm. Post lunch was witnessed with more reading until 3.30 pm. I also took a nap of 45 minutes which freshened me. I took a break for exercise. I had tea and food after which I headed for an evening stroll. I literally had nothing to do which is why I just wandered around in the rainfall. I came home by 7.15 pm. I took some rest and finished the love story until 9 pm. Post-dinner I had no idea what I should do as that's mostly common television time. I couldn't start another book unless I wanted my head to spin. So, after considering the options, I forced my brother to play carrom with me. Time flew by while playing the game in which I won. Soon, it was 11 pm and I dozed off. The first thing I thought of when I woke up today was my mobile!

My day without electronics:

           I'm sure that must have sounded like it was quite simple but in this segment I'll tell you all those minor problems I faced. First of all, I decided to wake up late on purpose so that I'll avoid some part of the one day break up from my favourite gadgets. Secondly, while making those chits, I had to think when which incident happened. I usually write based on the chats which help me navigate through the month. I wrote about the recent memories. But the ones in the first week of June, I had to write today after referring the dates. Thirdly, as I was scheduling the future posts on blog, I forgot which date it was. I didn't have my mobile to check. Next was when I couldn't set up an alarm for my afternoon nap. Further, I couldn't listen to music while working out. Then, I had to wait till today to update my goodreads bookshelf after finishing the novel. The time when I was keen on putting up that snapchat story while walking, playing carom and also reading while having tea. (Photos of a book with a cup of tea or coffee are my favourite.) The moment when I returned from my walk, I had almost given up as I just craved to watch that new episode from 'Pretty Little Liars' but I held on. Somehow, I survived the day.

Lessons learnt:

1. I found that I'm more addicted to TV than I am to my mobile. As that's the best thing during holidays, most of my time goes in watching series and movies. After thinking about this I realised, I could spend lesser time on my mobile if I want to. And, I have used my mobile today for a much lesser time than I normally do. Also, I should cut down some television time.

2. Music isn't always necessary while exercising. I used the parallel time for thinking and it works out really well. One song was constantly playing in my head. But, apart from that, it was really good and peaceful working out without music.

3. We aren't handicapped without electronics. There are studies that say that humans cannot live without their gadgets. I think that it'll be difficult but it's not impossible. I couldn't keep a track of time because I had no mobile while my walk. (I didn't wear a watch because of rains.) But, as I passed by some shops, I just saw a clock in one and the question was resolved. It's that simple. Instead of an e-book, I read a physical book. Also, when I couldn't write the book review online, I just wrote it in my notebook. So, it's actually quite bearable without gadgets.

4. Books are saviours. I cannot imagine what I'd have done without books. There's not a day I don't read. If everyone develops a reading habit, then it'll be much better. Instead of entertainment via TV, they will start to prefer entertainment via books. Also, newspapers are the best compared to mobile applications or news channels.

5. Without the distraction of constant buzzing of phone, you can run some errands. Work must be done whether now or later. I got a number of things done yesterday which I had been procrastinating the whole week. And the feeling when you're done with it is one of satisfaction.

6. You understand who really cares about you. When a person who's constantly online disappears for an entire day, then people leave messages or call. You understand if you really matter to them.

7. Food diet is easier than electronic diet.

Have you done something like this? How was your experience?


  1. I use the laptop for work so it's hard to get away from it. My phone is mostly a camera and the television is off unless my husband is home or I'm watching a documentary or favorite old movie. Being an introvert, I don't enjoy the constant interruption electronics bring; sometimes they make me very cranky. I'll be completely unplugging for a week in July. No phone, laptop or television for seven full days. I cannot wait!

  2. I feel so good when I keep my phone away for a couple of hours!

  3. I wrote a similar post about this! I made a June challenge to be more present...and by that I mean, putting my phone down more and start LIVING. It's sad how we have to make an effort to be more present! Loved this post.

  4. I bet this is challenging, but it's probably something that we all need to do from time-to-time. I could probably do this if like you I could get some reading and chores/errands done but I think I'd still have to use a radio of some kind in order to have some music on while cleaning, etc. I don't mind the silence but a whole 24 hour's worth might kill me. Haha!

  5. I too am much more addicted to tv than my phone. But a day without either is still pretty tough for me!

  6. Wow cool experiment, I couldn't do it. I could go without TV and Computer but not my phone. If I had to though, I would probably clean, organize and write. Thank you for sharing!!

  7. I have not tried this and I probably should. I should at least go without my phone on Sundays....just that one day a week break I think would do me so much good! Thanks for sharing. It's good to hear you lived to tell about it :)

  8. This would be such a tricky test for me, I am too addicted to blogging and reading other peoples blogs! But, I would be very interested to try it. I think it's good to take a break from technology and just pick up a good book :)

  9. I think the phone would be easy, the tv not so much! First I have a 2 yr old that loves his morning cartoons and I keep it on for the noise lol! But I bet the reading was amazing. I love to read but dont have time with 2 little ones!

  10. Thank you all for your kind words. It's quite difficult to observe such a day but in today's world we must connect with humans more than devices. :)


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