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Every Day. (Book Review #14)


          David Levithan's 'Every Day' is unlike any other book you might have ever read. It's the story of ‘A’ who appears in different bodies every day. He's not a person but something more like an individual soul. He can control the bodies he stays in but can't control which body to be in. He can't tell anyone because they will take it as craziness. He meets a girl named Rhiannon who he falls in love with. Their love story will make you hope and cry. I've rated it at four stars on Goodreads.


          A is an ideal person to be, but he's not even a person. He's just some supernatural phenomenon. He is someone who knows how to love and care for others. Even though it's a confusing life to live, he does it every day just like the person in whose body he is in. He tries to stick with this plan until he meets Rhiannon.
          Rhiannon is a kind-hearted girl. She respects people for who they are. She is in a meaningless relationship but when it's time, she thinks about herself. She does what is best for her and the people around her.
          Nathan is another boy who A visits. But, A leaves a trail of his existence which spooks Nathan. He starts a news telecast of the existence of the devil. Justin is Rhiannon's boyfriend for namesake. Their relationship is too weird. They hang out, but that charm of being in love is nowhere. Moreover, he's a jerk.

Story line:

        A adapts a total of 41 bodies on 41 days respectively throughout the novel. He is in the form of Justin (Rhiannon's boyfriend). He treats her like the person he truly loves. He treats her like Justin would never think of doing. From there starts this love story. He meets her often after that day, each time as someone new. Then finally one day he tells her the truth of his life. Rhiannon accepts it eventually, but it becomes very difficult to be in a relationship where she doesn't know who he will be or where he will be or whether this will ever stop. Meanwhile, he gets threats from Nathan. When Rhiannon ends things with A, he agrees to meet Nathan and tell him the truth. Nathan listens to everything and even believes it because he had gone through it too. The next time they meet, Reverand Poole comes along. That's the time when A understands that there is someone who is inside of him too and has been for a long time. He understands that it's possible to stay inside one body. The next day A is in the body of Alexander. Someone who is just how A would want to be. He meets Rhiannon while being Alexander and has a beautiful evening with her. A basically sets them up and says his final goodbye to Rhiannon as he decides to learn the next things.

Overall Thoughts:

          I hadn't read what the story was about before. So when I started it, I was so intrigued. Such a concept of living inside bodies and changing every day was so unusual. I think that's why there's no limit to fiction. A story between a soul and an actual person seemed very unreal to read. I was glued for over 80 % of the story. I loved how both of them were trying to make it work. But it became tedious after a few of their meetings. It was interesting to read when A was Rhiannon. (Knew that was coming.) In the end, as they apart, it becomes so sad. They are so perfect for each other, but if only A was an actual living being. It'll make you wonder about the unreasonable lives of people who go apart when they're meant to be together.
          I loved how the author made the bodies so different. He put up every kind of problems that teenagers face in every person. Kelsea Cook is a depressed suicidal girl who writes down ideas for how to kill herself. Dana is an alcoholic who drunk drived which killed her brother. Nathan is a geek who gets laughed at just because of the clothes he wears. There had to be at least one gay couple; Hugo and Austin. There's another girl named Valeria who is engaged in child labour. All these stories about so many people with different backgrounds are good to read. It makes us understand the lives, luxuries and problems from among each class. It doesn't only focus on what's real and what's not, but it focuses on enlightening it.

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  1. I read this book last summer and I was in absolute LOVE with it. I could just cry now thinking about A and how attached I got! Great choice in book, and wonderful review!

    1. That's good to know that you liked it as well! Have you read its sequel, 'Another Day'?

  2. Sounds like a great book. I might have to check it out!

  3. I think I might check this out, too. Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to do this even for a few days.

    1. A few days would be interesting but not forever! Thanks for commenting.


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