Saturday, 12 September 2015

An Escape from Reality.

          Getting up at 7 o' clock. Catching up with the news, followed by exercise. Going to college (or office) for 8 hours. Just work by keeping your head down and tolerating the nonsense. Coming home and relaxing for a while. Then working again on projects and new assignments till what turns out to be 2 am. Sleep for about 4-5 hours and then repeat the cycle. Most people have a sedentary lifestyle with a fixed routine. It varies from what I've written. But, my days usually go this way. It's too brief to actually know how they really are. Sometimes even I'm confused how they are.

          When you get adjusted to a particular routine, there's this phase of just going along with it. It's when days go faster, you get more involved and weekends are there before you know it. Everything starts to happen pretty fast. I know that time passes faster when you're enjoying yourself. But, I'm neither happy nor sad about it. I'm neutral in entirety. Most of the times such lifestyle is better than uncertain events popping up unexpectedly. It's better to know when you're going to go home. And it's even better to escape reality when everything becomes too much.

          I remember just two days ago, we got a free lecture. That day was particularly not that great. Friends were messing around other friends. Typical college stuff. But, there has to be a limit, right? So, after all the things becoming too much, I just went to a corner of the classroom, took out my mobile and began reading. At that time, nothing would have brought me back to reality than escaping it. It's a way to freshen up and come back to deal with life. Reading is my escape. And I'm sure you have your escapes as well. It could be something as simple as closing your eyes and counting. It could be more complicated like gardening. It could be just anything that lets you drift to another world while staying where you are.

          Right now, I'd love a weekend retreat to some peaceful place as an escape. But, it's neither rational nor possible. So, instead here I am, writing my thoughts, escaping from reality. Although, I'm not sure if writing about 'reality' is exactly escaping from reality. For what's worth, there just needs to be some happy place. That happy place could be a book or a hobby or a person. So, whenever you're exhausted from your regular life, just retreat to your happy place and make your stay worthwhile.


  1. I would definitely like a little retreat. Although, we've just started a new Fall routine, escape, even if brief, is nice.

  2. Weekend retreats are the best and always seem to help!! I love taking weekend trips!
    xo Adriana - Daily Dose of Design

  3. I have been feeling this overwhelming wave of exhaustion, I definitely relate. Thanks for sharing I don't feel all along. My happy place is my blog!

  4. A little retreat sounds fantastic actually! But yeah my routine is about to look like that, with very little sleep. There's just so much I still have to do and sleeping too much feels like a waste of time haha!

    N- Naomi in Wonderland

  5. Ahh I'd like a little retreat right now too. :P I've had a cough I can't shake for weeeeeks and omg, I'm so up for a small holiday at a private island somewhere ;) HAHA. DREAM ON. XD ahem. But reading is my reality escape for sure.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  6. Retreats, especially in nature, are great for the mind!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  7. Thank you so much for reading. :)


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