Saturday, 30 September 2017

September Roundup!

Hello Readers! I'm so happy with my first month of blogging post redefining goals!
15 Posts in 1 Month!
I think that's my personal best. I have posted a Daily Commute post on every Monday & a Diary Logs post on every Friday! And as for Mindscape Reviews, I haven't posted quite as much. But, it has been a bit difficult to get reading time to do book reviews. Whereas Omkar & I are still working through our TV reviews. So, since it’s a collaboration & even though we have similar thoughts, we get lazy. So, I'm a bit behind in Mindscape Reviews! But, all in all, it's going good & I'm happy with my progress!!

Here are some of my favourite posts in each series!

Flooding Through Life! This one's from Daily Commute.

Dude, Look What You Made Me Do. This one's from Diary Logs.
So Relatable. This is another one from Diary Logs.
Farewell is another favourite as is No Major Missing from this series!
Okay, I'm just saying that all the posts from Diary Logs are my favourites! So, just go & read them all! You won't regret it!

The One with F.R.I.E.N.D.S This one's from Mindscape Reviews.

And of course, the highlight post & another favourite was Behind the Scenes of Blog Redesign!

I hope you enjoy reading them, if you haven't already!!

As for October,
I'm planning to maintain a similar schedule in addition to a few TRAVEL POSTS which I hope you guys will enjoy!
All the love!

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