Friday, 27 October 2017

She Just Smiled. (Diary Logs #8)

Hello Readers! TGIF! I feel like a fraud to post mainly on Mondays & Fridays! So, all I've got is 'Hope you had a great weekend' on my Monday Daily Commute post & a mandatory TGIF on my Friday Diary Logs post!

So, anyway, upon some analysis, I understood that only 2/7 of the diary entries are happy ones; Farewell & LDR! So, I decided to set in for a happy vibe in this one! Hope you like it!


Dear Diary,
I snoozed my alarm 8 times today & obviously got delayed for work. The most important decision was to ditch heels & wear flats. Soon I sped past my society skipping the bi-weekly chit chat with that one aunt which I usually like to do. So, I pretended I was on a call, just waved at her & left. I kept running into people who gave me a disgusted look. I almost got hit by a car, but somehow blindsidedly crossed the street & took the train! I checked my mails while I was in the train, nothing important had come up yet & no escalations since yesterday! I had many stations to pass, a tad 40 minutes time. So, I checked if anyone was getting down or if any seats were vacant. But, of course, no luck. But, a lady was standing diagonally across from me. Our eyes met & she just smiled at me in that quick crossover.

So many thoughts came to my head. Do I know this woman? I really didn't think so. Why did she smile at me? Am I dressed funny or acting weird? What's the matter?

My reflex was to look somewhere else, which was what I did. I know it was rude, but it's crazy to just smile at a stranger, right? I mean, she wasn't even listening to songs, that some line would've made her smile. Or she wasn't browsing her mobile, that some meme would've made her smile. She just looked at me & gave me a smile. Random.

And after a while, I asked myself, "What is wrong with you?"
Just because I had so many trust issues, deep resentments & pessimism, that didn't mean everyone else was the same. Maybe she was just a kind lady. I mean, her first reaction after looking at someone was to give them a smile. How beautiful & rare is that in today's world? And how idiotic was I to have gone in my 'over-thinking' zone because of the general generosity of humanity? I wondered about her & how more people ought to be like her. If I ever see her, I'll surely smile. Or, at least smile back as a reflex instead of being paranoid! Because of her, I forgot that I was late for work & it kind of calmed me down & put everything in perspective. Just because she smiled.

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