Friday, 3 November 2017

Eat. Sleep. Trek. Repeat. (Diary Logs #9)

Hello Readers! Okay, I'm starting off by saying that this post is fictional, because I don't trek. I don't even run & walking is also completely optional during weekends. So, this is sort of random, but I hope you'll like it anyway. 
Story Inspiration: Ashwin Shenolikar (Hope you go on a trek soon!)


Dear Diary,
We had planned to go on a trek & yet again it was cancelled. I just don't understand these people. 'These people' being my friends & the trek group. They get me excited for something. I spend 2 days convincing my parents to get their permission. After a lot of practical ways of saying how I won't die, I get the approval. And, by that time, plan's cancelled. Why? Someone has to go to a wedding. Some other guy has to attend a concert. If one girl isn't going, other one isn't & so the other one isn't. Like a chain. Just one crappy excuse after another. One stupidity after another. And I'm stuck here in this boring city with its everyday roads; the same bus that takes me to the same college where I have to slog every day & the reason for which I don't even know.

I remember how long ago was my last trek. 70 days back. It was during monsoons. So, it had to be one of the best. The memory of the view from the top is still alive in my head as if it were yesterday. I wish I could just take a few leaves. And set off to some strange mountain or fort or castle to know all its mysterious secrets no one tried to unravel before.

I wish I didn't have to live this ordinary life. I wish I could pack my bags & take off to the highest point from where I could look down on this boring city being so tiny & irrelevant that it is. I wish I could go around & be that guy. If only it were that simple. But, it's Day 71 & I'm stuck in the robotic maze of the city feeling like I'm living the Sims life. Not in control of my own decisions. Someone else controlling everything I do, act, speak & even breathe.

Away from civilisation. Towards wilderness.
Away from similarity. Towards chaos.
Away from people. Towards nature.
Away from myself. Towards myself.

Until next time,

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