Monday, 6 November 2017

Solo Journeys. (Daily Commute #10)

Hello Readers! This is going to be the last post in the Daily Commute series. Quite honestly, I don't have any ideas & it feels exhausting to write something out of the blue when it comes to travelling & people. Plus, I hate every day 3 hours' worth of commute, so I have decided to just stop it.

So, here's the last one for you all, a poem when I went on a trip.


Noise blared from the loudspeakers.
People danced to the lyrics that made no sense to her.

Their bodies danced like music.
Her soul danced like travel.

They talked in word & language.
She talked with eyes & emotion.

Their eyes brightened with the sight of shops.
Her brightened with the sight of mountains & forts.

Theirs was a trip for enjoyment of each other's company,
Hers was a trip of unravelment of her own self.

People thought she was antisocial.
But, somewhere between the start & destination of the journey,
she couldn't care less about what they thought.

She was the girl in the window seat..
With a book in hands & headphones in ears..
For she was made for travel & travel for her.

Until next time,

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