Saturday, 24 March 2018

Patterns... Hobbies... Routines... (Diary Logs #14)

Hello Readers! Hope you all are fabulous & enjoying life!
Here's something that I have been thinking about for quite some time.
Let me know what are your thoughts!


Do you ever wonder about patterns? Hobbies? Routines? Somehow some ideas come to us in the middle of nowhere. You are walking on the metro station surrounded by a crowd and then you wonder how you've gotten used to loneliness like it's just a part of your routine. Or how while driving your car on a highway, you think about how all the vehicles move in different lanes at their own speed to form a beautiful synchronised pattern.

You can get attached to a person who is not your family or friend. They may be someone new for you and you may like them. You may like them so much that you may ignore their flaws. And soon enough, these flaws become your hobbies. Their flaw of being an addict may change you into one too. And while you focus on liking them more, you ignore not liking yourself. And there a pattern forms. You are an addict, not just to alcohol or cigarettes, but also to this person who is not good for you. And until the fact of that toxic pattern doesn't sink in, it continues to grow. It either ends obliterating everything or it ends with you.

And while, you can form a pattern in the wrong direction, it is also sometimes possible in the right direction. Like, you get up on a Monday and sulk about going to work. And then you are beyond happy when it's a Friday. That's more or less a routine pattern which most of us follow. One day we're commuting on the railway station and it feels like how it is shown in movies. You are at a standstill slow motion while everyone else around you is walking and running in a fast motion. That feeling of loneliness strikes you and you find it so familiar that you welcome it home. You think of all those strangers walking around you and wonder what goes on in their head. Are they mindlessly swirling around or are they aware of their conscious? Are they enjoying this weird loneliness like I am or are they suffering because it? How funny it is that the same thing can be enjoyable for one and depressing for the other?

And yet, here we are.. I am watching FRIENDS, while eating pizza, with a sinking feeling that it's Monday day after tomorrow while also being satisfied while I write something on the same theme which I often do. Combining all these weekend hobbies & routines, I have got a pattern which has become more of a lifestyle. So, I suppose it's important what you allow becoming a part of your pattern because it will eventually determine your lifestyle...

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