Friday, 1 January 2021

21 Things to do in 2021


Hi Readers! Happy New Year!! Wishing all of you a fabulous year with lots of happiness! Thank you for reading all my year-end posts! I am forever grateful to you readers! And, I already know you saw this post coming. Unlike new year resolutions, I have started a new thing since 2018! This year its 21 Things to do in 2021!!

My plans are focused on learnings, literature, hobbies & my personal life. Some of these are similar to last year because I am trying to maintain a consistency in those areas, like writing blog posts, reading 50 books, learning 25 new recipes, doodling & a few more.

The new ones are taking a short course every week & also listening to a TED Talk every week. I am also going to play a memory game. If you know any, please share in the comments below! The thing about reading & writing more in Marathi is an obvious suggestion from my parents, which I am not sure how much I will be able to achieve, but here’s hoping.

A fun one is creating photo albums. We, together as a family love to flip through our childhood photo albums. And that family bonding time is unlike any other. And, it definitely does not happen while looking at digital photos. So, I am going to take a few prints of some photos from some of our best trips! Check out my list & feel free to take up any of the items on the list!


Similar to last year, I am going to continue my Daily Habit Tracker. This really makes me understand how much time I spent daily on various tasks, how many days I read throughout the year, how many days I worked out throughout the year, whether I walked my steps for the day & so on. In 2020, I read about 297 days. Isn't that amazing? Check out the categories below!



Walk 5000 steps daily

Drink 2 liters water


Sleep by 12 PM

No Mobile for 1 hour

Brush twice

Skin Care



Read News


Making these lists & trackers really helps me to stay on track & also helps in analysing which area needs more focus. That’s just the way I operate! Being the first day of the year, I have already started doing a few things on my lists. I hope I stay positive & can achieve all the 21 Things! And, here’s hoping you achieve yours! Happy New Year!!

Until next time,

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